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I'm pleased to support you through Spiritual Life Coaching and to accompany you on your way to your own power and healing 

Navagrahas Mirror training

online information meeting: 

11.2.2024  via Zoom / Skype

My Name is Sheila Nunes

I was born and raised in Brazil in 1975. I have been living in Switzerland for 20 years now. In Brazil I studied my passion, communication sciences. In addition, I have taught English to children and young people and have worked for many years in the care and support of mentally handicapped and elderly people. I have had psychic abilities since my early childhood and have been dealing with the spiritual world and spirituality ever since. I was able to study numerous forms of therapy and healing methods as well as spend valuable time with various mediums and spiritual teachers such as Pamela Sommer-Dickson (CH).

Since 2007, I have been supporting and accompanying my clients in difficult phases of life on various topics as well as for self-reflection and self-discovery. In my work, I am supported by the knowledge I have acquired from my studies in communication sciences as well as my media skills. My pronounced sensitivity as well as the individual approach to the respective topic as well as the person are particularly appreciated by my clients. For many years, I was able to gain valuable experience in one-on-one sessions. Since I felt the need to accompany people over a period of time, I developed my own form of therapy "MAGIC MIRROR". 
This form of therapy enables me to work out optimal and sustainable solutions with the client during five sessions. After completion of this therapy, the client is able to approach and solve problems in a consolidated and self-reflective manner. Part of my work also includes advice on health. I am often inspired by the spiritual world to provide people with valuable inputs on various aspects of health. It was with joy that I was able to experience how these people found their way back to the balance of the physical body with the implementation. My language skills allow me to treat in Portuguese, English and German. I look forward to walking part of your way with you and accompanying and supporting you in your concerns. 

 One-on-one session 

As a medium and life coach, I support you by means of loving messages and targeted information to gain a clear picture of your current life situation, as well as to make clear decisions and make conscious changes.

Psychic work is not only about predicting the future, but about helping you to better understand what you can learn in the respective situation and how you can get in touch with your power and consciously use it to change your life positively. No matter what the life circumstances you are facing – a physical ailment, a relationship conflict, a decision-making process, etc. – counseling can help you find more clarity and healing.

I am also happy to receive parents with their children. Especially nowadays, many children are extremely sensitive and psychic. Often, these children are misunderstood and criticized with their perceptions at home or at school because adults do not understand their sensitivity or feel overwhelmed in dealing with it. In this case, the children get scared and close themselves off. These children need understanding, recognition and guidance, so that they can deal with their sensitivity in a natural way.  I am always happy when I can support parents in finding more clarity and taking responsibility for themselves and their children. I enjoy my work and it's very satisfying seeing my clients finding their way back into strength and clarity. 

If you have any questions about Spiritual Life Coaching or to book a session, please feel free to call me on +41 79 798 73 57 or send me an email.

I speak German, English and Portuguese.

The sessions take place in the city of Bern while drinking tea / in Estavayer, or via Skype.

Costs: A single session costs CHF 140.00 (60 min.)

Magic Mirror© Therapy 

Magic Mirror© is my own holistic therapy method. For many years, I was able to gain valuable experience in one-on-one sessions. Since I felt the need to accompany people over a period of time, I developed my own form of therapy "Magic Mirror©".

The therapy is individually adapted to each person and is therefore unique every time, as my method acts as a "mirror" of the client. I have a "magic suitcase" filled with various instruments: accumulated experience, my training as well as my intuition. Adapted to the person and situation, I take the necessary instrument out of the suitcase and let it flow into my Magic Mirror therapy. In advance, I never know how a session will go and what tools I will use. This arises from the moment and my guidance.

This form of therapy enables me to work out optimal and sustainable solutions with the client during five sessions. After completion of this therapy, the client is able to approach and solve problems in a consolidated and self-reflective manner. We will look at your topics together and I will accompany you as a medium and holistic therapist. A first session can provide information as to whether the Magic-Mirror Therapy is right for you in and of itself. If you have any further questions about the therapy, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Navagrahas* Mirror Training


 The Path to Self and Healing 
The training for mediumship and healing practice

 *The Navagrahas  -  the 9 “Planets" or Celestial Bodies 

In this training I will share my knowledge and experience from healing activity, mediumship and holistic therapy with you. I can look back on a successful 20 years of practice in the areas of healing and consciousness development.

First of all, we will focus on the topics of self-healing and self-realization. Here you will learn how to be in tune with your life. This is done by tuning in to your body, soul, and life story. I call this communication between mind, soul, body and life.

Once you are in sufficient stability after self-healing and self-realization, you will be able to give direction to your longing for deep spirituality and discover your gift. How can you best serve society in your strength and calling? This is your path as a lightworker and healer.

The training includes 5 stages: 

  • Self-healing / self-knowledge 
  • Healing Methods Spirituality
  • Mediumship and the practice of one's own abilities 
  • Trip to India (cure and breathwork) 
  • Inauguration and Graduation


 Topics such as trauma work, resolution of relationship conflicts, healing of physical and mental illnesses, nutrition, rituals, non-violent communication, ancestral work, Vedic astrology (basics), meditation & breathing, information medicine, mediumship and holistic therapy are just a few of many topics that we will look at together. The training will offer you a framework of trusting and regular group work, as well as weekly online meditations. 

Information online meeting: 

26.1.2024  via Zoom / Skype

I look forward to accompanying you on your journey into the world of healing, self-discovery and inner calling.

Navagrahas Mirror
The Path to Self and Healing 
The training for mediumship and healing practice


Zentrum Lichtpunkt - Estavayer - Switzerland


Starts April 2024
8 seminars of 2-3 days
during ca. one year

+ South India-Cure-Trip 
ca. 23 days

 I would be happy to inform you in detail about the detailed training content, duration of training, costs, catering, etc. at the information evening.

I am happy to accept registrations for the information evening until 20.01.2024.

If you have any further questions about the training, please do not hesitate to contact me by email. 

Training session place

Zentrum Lichtpunkt- Estavayer

Indian Trip 

Cure center – Kerala, south India


 "Sheila is a gifted medium and life coach who has been my guiding light through grief, career uncertainty, and challenging relationship times. Her compassionate support and intuitive insights helped me heal, regain self-esteem, and find hope amidst despair. Now, at 44, I'm expecting my first child despite doctors' doubts. Sheila's transformative impact is unparalleled, making her a beacon of hope for anyone facing life's toughest challenges. I am forever grateful for her wisdom, empathy, and guidance. Thank you, Sheila, for being the driving force behind my journey to joy and self-discovery."
M. T., Geneva

When I had reached a point of stagnation in my life, I wanted to get help or answers from the spiritual world. In my search for a suitable medium, I contacted Sheila Nunes. My first enriching session was followed by others. Through the exchange with Sheila, I was able to answer questions about love, career and the hurdles in my life. Sheila has the gift of empathizing with the other person and accepting the person in their individual character. The sessions with Sheila take place in a nice and informal setting. With her empathetic nature, she knows how to hold up a mirror to you at the right moment and thus get a process rolling that can change everything. I have lost fear and gained courage and am strengthened in myself.
I have been accompanied and supported through various phases over the past 3 years. In Sheila Nunes I have found an inspiring and heartfelt medium for me. I am very happy and grateful for what I have experienced and look forward to further wonderful encounters with her. 
D. M., Liebefeld

Aloha dear Sheila Thank you very much for your valuable support! You are a brilliant therapist! A lot became conscious during the sessions and can now experience healing... The five sessions of Magic Mirror Therapy had a very strong effect... afterwards you find yourself in a different state of consciousness (through the inner confrontation with "EFT" the consciousness detached itself from the problems and was able to look at them from a distance... i.e. one no longer identifies with the problems and can therefore accept them more easily and then let them go). 
E. D., Aargau

Sheila is an "angel" to me, I am so grateful that our paths have crossed and that she accompanies me a bit on my way. Thanks to your support, I am progressing step by step on my path of self-knowledge. She manages to put my feelings, hunches and fears into words when I can't do it myself. Sometimes it seems to me that she is reading from the book of my life, for which I have not found words. But it hits exactly the spot I'm circling around. I feel that there is "something" that stands in my way and she can describe this "something" in simple words. But she doesn't just serve this "something" on a silver platter, but very often lets me figure it out for myself. However, if I don't know what to do, or if the board in front of my head is so big, Sheila creates pictures to be able to see the problem clearly. I can't fool Sheila (and ultimately not myself), because she always knows what's going on. With her loving, gentle and humorous nature, I feel very well taken care of by her. No matter how many veils cover a problem, she sees right through all the veils. But she knows exactly how many and which veils she may lift in order to advance on the path of knowledge. It sends light into dark corners, but not that it's too bright and dazzling. Just so that you get to see just as much as you can see. Sheila gives me support during a difficult time. It gives me courage and confidence that everything is fine as it is right now, and above all that everything will turn out as it must. That everything has a reason, even if it is often difficult for me to recognize this reason. It helps to gain full confidence in life. It helps me a lot on the way to myself, to find myself. Her range of approaches and toolbox is so wide. I look forward to every single visit to her, because every time I discover more of the love for myself. I have started to take on the moments and challenges of everyday life in a very concrete way, to lose myself less and less on the outside, and to be more with myself. I am grateful to Sheila from the bottom of my heart! 
D. G., Murten

Sessions and Contact

The sessions take place in Bern and in Estavayer, or through Skype.
For any question about spiritual life coaching, or to book a session,
you can call me at this number : +41 79 798 73 57
or send me an email at : [email protected]

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+41 79 798 73 57

[email protected]


Sheila Nunes
Zentrum Lichtpunkt